Monday, July 1, 2013

This is when a Class C camper would come in handy

So yesterday found us in Van Horn Texas around noon at a KOA with a pool. The day was overcast on the drive down from Tucson and, like magic, the clouds parted and the sun came out right as we jumped in the pool. It was great! Ran into some nice people there and actually enjoyed their kids in the pool for a few hours. Almost ended up with a puppy that some people had with them which was way too young to be taken from its mother - looked to me to be about 6 weeks old. Adorable little thing. John talked me down....

Hired a local Mexican guy to run and get us a steak dinner which worked out great for all involved. He ended up with a handsome tip, and we had a decent dinner versus the chips and one hot pickle we'd managed to score at the last rest stop. For those unaware, Van Horn ain't much. We had hoped to get some hot dogs on the grill but, ah, that wasn't to be. Regardless, we had a total blast! Put out the rug and dropped the awning for a bit of 'porch sitting'. Camper is a dream to tow so the trip has been great so far. But, then again, look who I have beside me - how could it not be great? Well, more on that below....

Now, about that class C camper. A class C is one of the campers that you drive and is open to the back. It would have come in extremely handy as John woke me at 1 am 'ready to go!' As I recall, I wasn't.....So.....for those of you who think I always get my way - um, not so much this time. Although I did put my foot down when he started to pass up the Pilot gas station where my coffee awaited.

If we'd had that class C which is in the future, I could have languished in bed as he drove, exactly the way any good princess should spend the morning on the road. See where I'm going with this? Plan is to keep the current rig probably 2 years and, just like the Jeffersons, we're going to 'move on up.'

So, here it is at 3:26 and we've been on the road a bit now. About to stop for gas and switch drivers. We're headed to San Antonio - 346 miles away at this posting. We're planning to park the trailer and take the truck down to the river walk for a bit of rambling this afternoon.

Edited at 10:16am - After I posted that last bit, J boy and I were getting sleepy so we pulled over in a parking spot off 10E and climbed back into bed. There is a big benefit to carrying one's home behind one. Slept for 2 hours and back at it. Stopped at La Mexicana outside Ozona Texas for a delicious, authentic Mexican burrito for breakfast. Yum!


  1. Don't want to dampen your dream, but the law in most states is that all passengers must be strapped in. No wandering about or napping in bed while the RV is in motion.

    You'll just have to retrain him to start later in the day. If you're heading through Houston or a really big city, there is less traffic at night or just plan your trip to hit those places on the weekend or to bypass them.

    1. Virginia: we were stopped when we climbed back in bed - pulled over in a parking area off the highway. Also, as an aside, in Maryland, one can ride in the back of a class C or travel trailer while it is moving. I would NEVER do that or allow anyone to do that but it can be done. That's just plain old stupid.

  2. It's been a long time since I took one of those I-10 trips, but I do remember Van Horn as a "blink and you'll miss it" spot. Safe travels..