Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Lessons learned on the first trip in the Shadow Cruiser...

So, the very minute we pull into Traveler's World in San Antonio yesterday, the fan in the truck stopped working which meant one of us (who shall remain nameless) had a mental meltdown while contemplating traveling another 1500 miles with no air conditioning. Ok, once I calmed John down (insert snort laughing track), got online and looked to see what the problem could be. Opened the fuse box, looked fine. Keep looking online. Ah, there it is - faulty wiring is a known issue with this Toyota. Ugh.  But, turned on the truck and, miracle of miracle, fan worked. So, we're ok on that front.

Now, plugged in the Shadow Cruiser to the electric hookup at the camp site. Went in and started to set up the inside with lights, camera, and action! Well, pressed the air conditioning button - nothing. WHAT THE HELL?!!! So, another mental meltdown occurred as we considered the ramifications of trying to sleep with no ac. John suggested that I call the dealership, but called Mike first - thank you Lord for giving my head that suggestion. Mike started going through a quick troubleshooting session with me. And, here's a lesson learned:

Just because the trailer has lights, water, etc, doesn't mean the electric is working. All of that stuff can be operated off the auxilary battery. So, one needs to sometimes TURN ON THE ELECTRIC on the box at the camp site. Duh. Flipped up the breaker switch and, ah...cooling air. Whew! So, at least for the moment, all is well.

The trailer park was only a 3 mile walk to the River Walk or 15 minutes by bus and, since the bus stop was quite conveniently across the street we (well, I....) decided we'd take the $1.20 bus instead of a cab ride. - it was way too hot to contemplate walking. Now, John is not a fan of public transportation and, another lesson learned, neither am I. I've only been on a bus maybe 10 times total in my lifetime so I'm not what you call schooled in public transportation, including the fact that a 'bus schedule' is a loose term as could be witnessed as John and I cooled our jets for 20 minutes - yep, the bus was that late.

Anyway, River Walk was fun as always and even more so since neither John nor I have been there for a number of years. We both love discovering places together and yesterday was no different. John took me to a place called "Dick's" where the waiters are intentionally rude. Patrons sometimes wear huge hats made of bucher paper with things written on them. My favorite was a girl with dyed hair whose hat said "The curtains and the carpet don't match."

Another blond girl's hat said "In training at pole dance academy." I wanted a hat very badly but John refused to let me get one - he said my hat could very well carry the message "I sleep with young boys." Nixed that idea quickly.

Got a suggestion for dinner at a wonderful place called Rossario's which is off the beaten path. We decided to let our waiter order for us and, boy, were we happy. He selected a fish dish for me that was truly delightful and John got pork and beef tamales or something like that. Dinner was a huge hit.

Came back to camp and turned in early as we wanted to hit the road today around 3 am which we did. As I type this, we're coming out of Houston on our way to New Orleans for 2 nights. We have a nice campsite reserved just 4 blocks from Bourbon street. There's a pool and all all the amenities a Princess may require. So, more later.


  1. That would have been me having a meltdown! I can't live without AC. Glad to see you're having fun and keeping your sense of humor. Happy trails!

  2. Never fails, something will go wrong on the trip or something will be left behind. Just make sure the left behind item is not a prescription medicine or prescription glasses/contacts or your checkbook. Everything else can be replaced at Wal-Mart or Camping World.

    On the things that go wrong (as you found) it is often a simple fix once you try 32 other things first. Fortunately hubby is very handy and resourceful. Unfortunately he is not very patient.