Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Hello, New Orleans!

We left San Antonia at 3 am yesterday and arrived in New Orleans around 2 pm. John got stuck driving through Houston at rush hour - whew - I escaped that one! I ended up driving the final leg which, of course, took us to a casino in a Shell gas station. We stopped 40 minutes, or rather, $40 dollars worth before hitting the road again. Set up camp in a great RV park just a short .5 miles to Bourbon Street.

The RV park is beautiful and is set up in the style of New Orleans with brick walkways, a brick bar we can use, hot tub and the requisite pool. I love the setting and the fact that we can waddle right down to Bourbon street where the action is - or was.

About 5 hours wandering the streets got us back to the RV around 9:30 pm which is quite late for us. We're like Ben Franklin - early to bed and early to rise; we just don't have the wise part quite down yet.

So, my learning curve continues with my first back up into our RV slot. I was nervous about it but needn't be as I did pretty well. The fact that the truck was askew had no bearing on the fact that the camper was straight. It did look pretty goofy though with the truck going mostly sideways so John straightened it out. I could have done it but he said he 'wanted practice.' Hmmm...methinks he doubted my abilities.

Bourbon street was a blast and included a few cocktails as we wandered the streets and listened to some wonderful impromptu jazz bands on this corner or that. Had some great gumbo and fried eggplant that was really good. Lots of laughter ensued and then bedtime came about the second we hit the front door. The night was enhanced when we were treated to a few rainstorms passing through. I've always loved rain and this was no exception.

We got up at 5 and, after a few cups of coffee, hit the streets again to buy provisions for breakfast at the local market. Got waylaid and ended up at the Harrah's casino (yes, one of us appears to have a gambling issue - no need to mention names....) where we dumped, oh, never mind.n  Let's just say the morning included a great and very long walk but was not monetarily profitable unless you count the $0.13 I found in 4 separate spots. This town appears to be full of lost money - some of which I refused to pick up as it was just in a gross spot.

We're sitting at the pool right now where the sun is just peeking out from behind a clouded sky. It's the perfect setting and I've got the perfect man beside me. We've had a wonderful trip so far. As John has said many times over the 5.5 years we've been together, "I don't hate you or anything."


  1. You are a brave woman, backing up that trailer without any practice. Glad you had a day off from travel to really enjoy New Orleans.

  2. Eh, it wasn't as much brave as it had to be done! I've got a camera on the back of the tundra so lining up the hitch is fairly easy. We got it right on the first try this morning. We were pretty impressed with our 'bad' selves!