Sunday, June 30, 2013

It’s 8:20 am and we’re at our second gas stop. Left Mike’s at 4 am and saw a beautiful sunrise while coming through the southern end of Arizona. The mountains were very rocky and very beautiful.

Averaging 9.4 mpg at the moment which is about what I expected considering the Toyota is a monster truck pulling the Shadow Cruiser loaded down with a whole lot of stuff! We’re rotating driving every 2 hours which is nice – just as road fatigue sets in, it’s time for a break.

Got a reservation for a pull-through spot in Van Horn, Texas for tonight. Pull through spots are highly desirable so we don’t have to mess with backing up the trailer. We’ve got a pool, internet, and all the modern conveniences afforded campers – and then some. Just as an aside, my idea of ‘roughing it’ is sitting in my new Sharper Image shiatsu massage chair pad which only had 3 speeds….hmmmm….need to upgrade!
More later as the day unfolds.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

The resurrection of this blog begins

So, I decided to revive this blog after letting it lapse for, oh, a year. In fact, so much time has gone by where I didn't post a single blog that I'm a bit embarrassed. Eh, I'll get over it. Anyway, onto new and better things. And, "what would that be" you might ask? Well, the big giant hint is in that picture above.

That rig is our new Toyota Tundra full-sized pick em up truck and our 2013 Shadow Cruiser S260BHS Travel Trailer! Yep, we've done it. I'm following in my mom and dad's footsteps into the trailer world. Just as they did, I'm starting with a pull behind trailer, and, a lovely one at that. I bought it in Tucson while visiting big brother Mike in May 2013. And, of course, I had to have a truck to pull the trailer so enter that Toyota Tundra which I positively love!

So, here I sit, in my niece's bed (she's at horse camp in California at the moment), having run all over Tucson with Mike the last 3 days outfitting the trailer. And, let me tell you, there's a lot of outfitting to be done with a new trailer. It was just like when I moved into my first college dorm:

Plates? Check
Silverware? Check
Sheets and blankets? Check, check
Toiletries? Check
Flashlights? Check
The Sharper Image Massage and Shiatsu Chair With Heat? Check - WHAT? How'd THAT get on the list? Well, I decided to have just one luxury and this thing is it! Whomever is not driving (that will usually be moi) will be resting said fanny upon this amazing chair pad. We have an inverter in the truck so I expect to be massaging and blogging at the same time! Is that cool, or what???

Now, the real adventure begins when John arrives into Tucson at 10:00 am to join me before we set out on the maiden voyage tomorrow morning at 4 o-dark-thirty. Oh, um, wait! Make that 'when John arrived into Tucson at 4:30 PM to join me...' - sucker missed his flight. It's starting....

So pleased to be flying to Tucson via LA....

So, the tale begins....

I originally wanted a little bitty adorable 16' trailer which I was quickly talked out of. The issue seemed to be that, with John, me, and 4 dogs along for the ride, there would be absolutely no way to walk around a 16 footer. So, I got talked into a 20 footer which I was ok with until I saw that Shadow Cruiser above at an RV show in Tucson (note to readers: do not go to RV shows without supervision, which, btw, I had in the form of my brother Mike. To Mike's credit, he did try to take some sense into me, but, as is my wont, I charged ahead, literally. Charge card in hand, that trailer was mine!).

So, now I've got a 28' trailer and a whole lot of adventure coming up. So, bookmark this log or sign up for the RSS feed. I'll be blogging frequently from the road as we head home on our first US tour. By the end of the upcoming week, I hope to be an old pro at RVing.

And, along the line, I'll be putting some ads on these pages from which you can buy all kinds of products we're going to find that we can't live without. Do me a favor and buy something will ya? Someone has to finance this sucker!

Here's an article I wrote on Squidoo - my first in what I believe will be a long series of articles regarding travel trailers:

2013 Shadow Cruiser S260BHS Review - An Owner's Perspective

Bobbi, in her infinite wisdom, gave me the Lucy/Desi movie 'The Long Long Trailer' to watch before I left to come back to Tucson. I was rolling! I'm hoping it's not a predictor of things to come. Here's a link for it. It's old but really funny: