Friday, July 5, 2013

Goodbye, New Orleans. Hello Memphis!

Well, yesterday found us getting on and shortly off the Jump On, Jump Off bus. Turns out that neither John nor I are touristy type of people, and the chatter from the narrator  droves us nuts in very short order. So, we hoofed it around town. Went to Cemetary #1 where Marie Laveau is buried. Marie was a big wig in the voodoo circle back in the early 1800s. Nicholas Cage actually has a plot thee – turns out that the IRS can’t seize burial property and, since he declared bankruptcy, at least his final resting place is final.

New Orleans appears to be full of chicken bones – not exactly sure if they were live chickens or dead as Voodoo abounds. I prefer to think of them as dead and fried. But, they sure were everywhere. That and found money. There was quite a bit of money that I just wasn’t interested in going after as can be seen in the below picture – ewwwww.

Ended up at the French market where we sampled Mac N Cheese with Crawfish, coconut shrimp that was awesome and local corn cooked two ways – boiled and deep fried. I actually liked the boiled better but John being a lover of anything fried, loved that corn the best.

We walked around the market and managed to not buy a thing. But, that doesn’t mean we saved money as the next stop was the casino (drats). Actually, it worked out pretty well as I found $50 and John found $55! Not a bad take all in all. Lesson learned; watch the floors and the top of the paper towel dispenser in casinos….

Walked back to Bourbon Street and found a delightful saloon in which to perch. Live music included a very talented woman singing so dancing ensued. Lots of laughs with another couple close by, especiallty when the tambourines came out, and then we were back on our way home.

Hit the pool for a few hours before retiring early as we’re on the road again. Headed to Memphis tonight which is a short 6 hour ride. Easy as pie. Tomorrow, we’ll head out toward Virginia which is a longer ride but, the Toyota is pure luxury so even a long day is not all that fatiguing.


  1. I wouldn't bother picking up the pennies either if you are going to find $50 laying around in the casino. Lucky you!

  2. Well, Peggy Hazelwood has intrigued me with the found money blog so I now am starting my own found money jar. Here's a link to her Squidoo article:

    The $105 we found in the casino has already been spent....